Why Rock Labels

For a man who doesn’t like eating seaside rock some may say this is a strange hobby to have! I have been collecting rock labels now for over

30 years and I struggle to remember how it all started! For years now, with the help of family friends, and others, including countless visits to

rock label collector fairs, i have now ammassed over 1200 labels! Each of my labels are catalogued and each year I carry out an audit of the

full collection. Nationally I must now be in the top five collectors, as I strive to become number 1!   


Q - Can I help you with your collection? A - I welcome any labels sent in to me to add to my collection although I am unable to pay for these Q - Are all your labels unique or does you collection contain duplicates? A - All my labels are unique. I do retain duplicates which are availalble to other collectors as trades Q - Will your collection be available to view online in the near future? A - There are plans to get the collection online as soon as 2020. Q - Can I view your collection A - Appointments to view are available but due to time constarints limited to 2 a month
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